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In-Home Consultation

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Does your dog exhibit any of the following? 
  • Aggression: lunges or barks at other dogs; growls or nips at family members or visitors
  • Basic Manners: jumping, "selective" hearing, walking nicely on a leash, barking, housebreaking
  • Separation Anxiety: when left alone eliminates in the crate or home; destructive chewing
  • Phobias or Fears: is afraid of storms; lightning; fireworks; noises in the home
  • Stress Reactivity: paces; whines; excessive licking

Allow me to come into your home and assist you with correcting unwanted behavior. Together we can return your canine companion into the loving pet he can be!

Lynne Shaw
Golden Touch Training
Appleton, WI
Phone: 920.851.4419