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  Golden Touch training offers a variety of classes and counseling opportunities tailored to the concerns and needs of the owner, and the behavior of each dog as an individual. From learning the fundamentals to modifying complicated behaviors, I can make training fun, effective and rewarding.

I am no longer using this website due to the amount of problems with Tripod and lack of support. Sorry for any inconvenience. You can find me however at my new website. Call or email me for details. I tried adding the link to it here but that does not work either..... Sorry again for any inconvenience. or call 920-8514419

Socialization Training
Puppies 7 Wks. to 5 Mos.
7 Weekly Sessions - 1 Hr. Each
Click here to for more information on the "First Step Basics Class".

 How to teach your pet manners!
Dogs 5 Mos. and Older
6 Weekly Sessions - 1 Hr. Each
Click here for more information on the "Second Steps Manners Class".

With in-home consultation your pet can be assisted with:

  • Aggression
  • Basic manners
  • Separation anxiety
  • Phobias, fears, etc.

Click here for more information on In-Home Consultation.

Treat inappropriate behaviors through behavior modification. 
Click here for more information on the Whole Dog Evaluation.

Lynne Shaw   -   Appleton, WI   -   920.851.4419